WGSN Global Fashion Awards Shortlist 2013

WGSN Global Fashion Awards

WGSN Global Fashion Awards

Remember last year’s WGSN Global Fashion Awards? I certainly do. It was the second major awards ceremony I ever attended and I enjoyed every second of it. This year’s do is set to be even bigger and better. The event will be held at none other than the Victoria & Albert Museum and the designers up for prizes include the likes of Raf Simons, Phillip Lim and Colette Paris… Like I said, it’s going to be awesome. Last week the great and the good of London’s fashion community gathered at St Martins Lane Hotel to drink champagne, network and hear the shortlist. Between yacht cocktails with Johnnie Walker, shooting for Company Magazine and my own birthday bash the week before, I thought I’d be all mingled out by last Monday but somehow I managed to drum up the energy to slip into a floral Milly by Michelle Smith number and leap in a cab to Covent Garden.

WGSN Global Fashion Awards

Once inside the venue (heavily air conditioned, thank God) I felt positively sprightly and happily set about reminiscing on the previous Friday’s antics with Forward PR Founder, Courtney Blackman, Stylenoir Magazine Editor, James Joseph and Nephew London Founder, Nik Thakkar who all just so happen to be on this year’s judging panel. I also bumped into Donna Ida, Angela Scanlon, Harold Tillman and Rebekah Roy during the pre announcement mingling, further confirming my suspicions that this year’s ceremony is going to be a hot ticket occasion.

WGSN Global Fashion Awards

Angela Scanlon

WGSN Global Fashion Awards

James Joseph & Courtney Blackman

WGSN Global Fashion Awards

Nik Thakkar

The room was already full when I arrived and by the time stylish songstress, Kate Nash took to the stage to announce the shortlist, it was positively heaving meaning that the cheering each announcement elicited was positively ear shattering. Then again, given the calibre of nominees, it would have been a crime not to get seriously excited.

WGSN Global Fashion Awards

Kate Nash

WGSN Global Fashion Awards

Kate Nash & Rebekah Roy

WGSN Global Fashion Awards

Harold Tillman & WGSN’s Laurette Roberts


Goodie bags!

With judges including Donna Ida, Laura Bailey, Rankin and Rebecca Minkoff the event looks set to be star studded and the competition hotter than ever… Bring on October 30th I say!

Click here to see the full WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2013 shortlist.

Love Ella. X

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  1. Rosalia says:

    What a cute dress! I love your style! I am now following! 🙂


  2. I thought you were Alexa Chung haha (face shape and hairstyle). That dress is very pretty and event-appropriate!

    Comtesse Sofia

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