Getting Ready for Glamour WOTY

June is one of my absolute favourite months of the year, if not THE favourite. It’s the start of summer, with months of bikini clad beach frolicking, picnics in the park, rooftop dancing and guilt free mid afternoon cocktail drinking lying ahead. It’s also my birthday which I approach with the same excitement I did when I was seven and my mum threw me a pony party. Fashion wise it’s fantastic as you can finally start wearing the thigh skimming dresses and lace up sandals you optimistically purchased in February. Oh and let’s not forget, there are lots of fun parties. For me, this year June kicked off the best way it possibly could of; wearing one of the most incredible outfits I’ve ever laid eyes on to the Glamour WOTY Awards…

The Glamour Women Of The Year Awards are one of the biggest events on the London calendar and always pull in serious A listers from all over the world. If there’s any occasion that calls for a seriously fabulous frock plus hair and makeup that wasn’t knocked together badly by me in my bathroom, it’s this one. So this year I decided to pull out all the stops and share the getting ready process with you in a snazzy video… Enjoy!

What did you think of my getting ready video? There will be loads more coming to my YouTube channel soon so check it out – and subscribe, if you want to – here.

Love Ella. X

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