Look Du Jour: Segway Into Spring

spring, IKRUSH, Ella Catliff, La Petite Anglaise

What: IKRUSH high heels & floral top, Missguided lace bralet, AG Jeans, Mulberry clutch bag & Prada sunglasses

Where: Out and about in London

Spring has sprung! Or more accurately, we had a few days of heatwave followed by a lot of heavy rain and/or thermal underwear level coldness then back to heat, a cycle which will continue on repeat… much like every other April to May transition in the history of British weather. But whether it’s shirts off scorching or February freezing, the time has come to segway into Spring attire.

IKRUSH, Ella Catliff, La Petite Anglaise, spring
IKRUSH, Ella Catliff, La Petite Anglaise, spring
IKRUSH, spring, sandals

Having spent what feels like a million months bundled up in knitwear – not to mention the fact that it snowed just a matter of weeks ago – I decided to start off small and simple. Better to ease into clothes designed without insulation in mind than whip out all my pasty limbs prematurely and end up cold, confused and probably wearing the wrong shoes.

IKRUSH, sandals, Ella Catliff, La Petite Anglaise
IKRUSH, sandals, spring, ella catliff, la petite anglaise
IKRUSH, spring, heeled sandals

These shoes, however, are just right and were the starting point for my Spring segwaying outfit.

Between their delicate straps, stud detailing and chic yet non cripplingly high heels, these backless babies from IKRUSH tick every box. The top is also by IKRUSH and I’m rather obsessed with it. I just added a lace bralet but on chillier days it could work really well layered over a fine knit poloneck or t-shirt. Given the pasty, prickly, peach-level bruised state of my legs, I decided to opt for jeans on this occasion but will be pairing it with teeny tiny shorts once things warm up (and I get a sunbed or ten).

I finished things off with a Mulberry clutch and my beloved Prada sunglasses… et voila! Spring is in session.

IKRUSH, high heeled sandals
ella catliff, IKRUSH, spring, sandals
Ella Catliff, La Petite Anglaise, IKRUSH, spring, sandals

What do you think of this Spring outfit? The pasty pins are coming out next time, you have been warned!

Love Ella. x