Skin Saviour Liz Earle

Oh how I wish I was one of those people who managed a multiple step skincare routine every morning and night. Tbh a lot of the time, just managing to wipe my makeup before hitting the sack would be an improvement… Yeah, I’m trying to change that. I’ve always been incredibly lucky with my skin. Despite treating it with basically none of the respect or care it deserves and frankly needs, my visage seemed to magically stay intact, smooth and largely free from both wrinkles and pimples. Until recently that is. I always thought the idea that you should should start using anti-aging products in your twenties was ridiculous. As is often the case, I was completely wrong. So a few months ago I turned to the one and only Liz Earle

Despite my sporadically crap approach to skincare, I’ve always loved and hoarded lovely products. I’ve flirted and flung with many different brands and still like to mix up my routine and try new ones. But since last year there has been one particular constant fixture on my dressing table, Liz Earle.

I’m not going to regurgitate the entire story of Liz Earle (you can read it all here) but I will say that their botanicals based approach to beauty is one I wholeheartedly agree with and has been a real skin saviour for me. I’ve suffered from psoriasis for years and it can make my skin super sensitive. In January I had a really awful flare up, so bad that it apparently looked as though I’d “aged ten years” according to a charming someone who won’t be named… Mean right! But upsettingly accurate if I’m honest. My face also swollen, red, itchy and hideously painful especially when I put anything on it. Pretty much the only products that didn’t make the situation worse were these Liz Earle classics.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I’ve massively changed my tune when it comes to using anti-aging products in your twenties. This revelation should have occurred much sooner than this year, not least because last Spring I attended a beautiful dinner hosted by Liz Earle herself where she explained why it’s so important to start early and gave us all her then-newly launched Superskin Eye Cream. Did I immediately take the advice of a renowned skincare guru? Of course bloody not. Almost a year had to pass before, after noticing my first fine lines developing and having a full scale freak out, I decided the time had come to combat the effects of smoking, sunbathing, years of sleeping with makeup on and of course natural ageing.

So in the interests of not ending up resembling an albino raisin in a few years time, I turned to Liz Earle’s Superskin collection. At the aforementioned dinner, Liz promised that using this stuff would give practically instant results and do you know what? That was no word of a lie! My favourite has to be the overnight mask. After cleansing and moisturising you literally just slather it all over your face before hitting the sack. When you wake up your skin will be smooth and silky, as if you spent the weekend sipping green tea and sleeping for 9 hours a night, not mainlining rosé to the extent that your blood is still 80% vino four days later.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post mes amies! Have you every tried any Liz Earle products? All skincare recommendations are very welcome, including how to make yourself stick to a pore friendly regime, I’m on a mission to change my lazy ways!

Love Ella. X